Chainsaw horse build

Sadly, this year I couldn’t attend the Wilderness Gathering because of my son’s surgery so I decided to do a bit of bushcraft at the house instead. I’ve got several cubic metres of hardwood which needs sawing and chopping for winter and I needed a safer chainsaw horse than what we’ve been using up untilContinue reading “Chainsaw horse build”

One-eyed Wild Cat

This mean old Wild Cat (Felis silvestris silvestris) was stalking through the field behind my house. It’s obviously been through some battles as its lack of right eye shows. I’ve encountered them on a few occasions, once when one was brave enough to get in the garden when my bull mastiff was there. They’re notContinue reading “One-eyed Wild Cat”

Forest cabin

This is a cabin we stayed at last weekend in the forest above Svidnik, East Slovakia. It’s owned by the regional forest office and is situated on Black Mountain. The hill is renowned for the bandits who used to inhabit it centuries ago, and also for the number of German soldiers who died there duringContinue reading “Forest cabin”

Red deer stag in field

Now each time I encounter a stag, whether they’re in the distance running with their harem of hinds, or slowly crossing the road in front of my car in order to make a point, i feel sorrow. When i hear a gunshot somewhere in the forest, i think of the direction from whence it cameContinue reading “Red deer stag in field”