Bushcraft Magazine Summer Issue

I’m a bit late in posting this as I’m still waiting for my own copy to be scanned (my scanner is broken). Bushcraft Magazine did me a double treat this summer issue as not only did they publish my article on the Slavonic forest spirit Leshy – Guardian of the forest, but they also gaveContinue reading “Bushcraft Magazine Summer Issue”

Badger track in snow?

Outside it isĀ  bitingly cold and only a thin layer of snow has fallen. There were many animals out today, foraging in the fields as the forest is frozen. Roe and Red deer and one lone wolf some distance away. There were also plenty of tracks. This photo is, presumably, a badger (Meles meles) trackContinue reading “Badger track in snow?”

Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut

Yesterday evening, while suffering from flu, I got the urge to try sleeping out in the forest during the Red deer stags’ rutting period. I hadn’t done it during this period before because I’ve had problems in the woods with hormonal enraged stags during this time in the past. But the noise of multiples ofContinue reading “Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut”