Red Deer Stag Kills Man

A 78 year old man from Prievidza (a town in the west of Slovakia) has died in hospital a week after being attacked by a stag. Apparently, it was a spontaneous attack as the man tended his orchard – the stag charged and skewered him with its antlers. More can be read here – noviny.skContinue reading “Red Deer Stag Kills Man”

Common Shrew trailcam IR

Here’s another species to add to my attic menagerie, and one I wasn’t expecting to find – the Common Shrew (Sorex araneus). I’ve found them frozen to death in my kitchen during winter before but I’ve no idea how it got into the attic. I’ve had several encounters of the painful variety with these littleContinue reading “Common Shrew trailcam IR”

Young Smooth Snake

This year we’ve had many Smooth snakes (Coronella austriaca) – they seem to have replaced the Slow Worm although they don’t eat slugs. They’re non-venomous and nowhere near as aggressive as Grass snakes. From a distance they’re colouring and pattern make them appear as Adders but upon closer inspection they can be easily differentiated dueContinue reading “Young Smooth Snake”

Forest sunset

One thing I really love about living where I do is the wide open spaces which enable one to see amazing sunsets. I can’t imagine living in a concrete jungle where the horizon is only a few metres away. It doesn’t matter how many times I see the sunset I’m still amazed at the beautyContinue reading “Forest sunset”

Feeding fish with bread

Today was a very fish-related day. The photo shows the effect of a chunk of bread thrown into the River Ladomirka – a fish feeding frenzy. I also started the process of getting my fishing license so i can fish around my village. The bureaucracy is really off-putting and requires visits to several offices forContinue reading “Feeding fish with bread”

Fallow deer buck

This was a particularly friendly Fallow deer (Dama dama) buck we encountered as an attraction at an unusual location. The owners of a former brothel, in quite a remote village,, obviously decided to change their ‘theme’ and keep Fallow deer in order to attract visitors. Unfortunately, their business plan doesn’t seem to be working as,Continue reading “Fallow deer buck”

Stork on chimney

Even though this is an annual occurrence, it’s still something that fills me with dread – a White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) inspecting my chimney. As they’re protected, if they decide to build a nest on the chimney then they can’t be moved and I’d have to wait until they’ve returned to warmer climes before IContinue reading “Stork on chimney”

Golden Oriole

The Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus) produces my favourite bird song – it gives a tropical or Australian-like sound to the garden. They only migrate for a couple of months each year and will shortly be leaving, much earlier than other migratory species. I’ve been trying for years to get a photo of one but theyContinue reading “Golden Oriole”

Red Backed Shrike

After an extremely stressful day, we decided to go for a ride on Feisty. We went to a beautiful little hidden spot which has a bar and trout ponds out in the countryside. The place was empty apart from us and a pretty young blonde barmaid who kept hidden inside. A metal, Japanese-like bridge crossedContinue reading “Red Backed Shrike”