Snow Trench – The Quickest Winter Survival Shelter?

A blizzard is coming in and you’re out there in the wilderness. You need to quickly build some sort of shelter to protect you from the elements, snow, windchill and freezing temperatures, to keep you safe during the night. Using only the basic equipment most hikers or outdoors adventurers would have on them, I showContinue reading “Snow Trench – The Quickest Winter Survival Shelter?”

Young Roe Deer daylight trail cam

Here’s some daylight-ish trail cam footage of a couple of Roe deer behind the house. They’re nowhere near as wised up as Red Deer – they’re basically overgrown rabbits. Compared to Red Deer, Roe are very cute. Perhaps I’m being specist but I’d rather eat Red than Roe merely because of the latter’s cute factor.Continue reading “Young Roe Deer daylight trail cam”

Old hunting skills for new technology

It is man’s nature to kill, for he is the enemy of all animal life. AR Harding Recently, I’ve been reading up on wolf trapping techniques. I have no plan whatsoever to trap wolves but the skills required are virtually the same for using a trail camera. While I’ve already managed to ‘capture’ most ofContinue reading “Old hunting skills for new technology”

Beaver roadkill

This morning, whilst driving around Lake Domasa, I saw what I thought to be a dead boar on the road. a forestry officer pulled over in front of it, and me in front of him. It turned out to be an extremely large beaver. Sadly, this is the first I’ve seen and it happened toContinue reading “Beaver roadkill”

Wolf scat close to home

We went for a walk with the dog last night along the abandoned road close to my house in the village. A few hundred metres from home, as the crow flies, I came across this pile of wolf scat. Due to the inordinately hot weather we’ve been having it was too desiccated to calculate howContinue reading “Wolf scat close to home”

Cloud forest

The weather here at the moment is extreme. We go from bright sunshine to blizzard and then back again every few hours. Because of this, the snow covering on the trees doesn’t last long and its evapouration causes a cloud layer. Many visitors to the forest here are shocked to discover how similar it isContinue reading “Cloud forest”

Spring remnants of Winter

Still the grass and bushes are bleak, with the remains of bird-eaten berries decaying on the twigs. The blue skies have gone and the overcast has returned, making it feel more like late Autumn again – especially following the snow shower last Sunday. I really hope Spring kicks in proper at some point.