Start Prepping Now! Fuel and Food Shortage, Financial Crisis, Supply Chain Crisis, Energy Price Rise

The S is really about to HTF. From multiple angles, our ways of life is about to be torn apart by restrictions, limitations, high expenses and perhaps even rationing. We began the long crawl to 2030 in 2001, but last year saw TPTB kick it into high gear. In order to survive the coming drasticContinue reading “Start Prepping Now! Fuel and Food Shortage, Financial Crisis, Supply Chain Crisis, Energy Price Rise”

Firewood from the Forest – Real Country Cottage Life in Eastern Europe

This is the reality of rural living, especially in such a remote area as the Carpathian Mountains of East Slovakia. Winter is fast approaching and it’s a last minute rush to get in as much wood as possible to provide heating during the cold months. Last Winter lasted much longer than expected – until May,Continue reading “Firewood from the Forest – Real Country Cottage Life in Eastern Europe”

Old hunting skills for new technology

It is man’s nature to kill, for he is the enemy of all animal life. AR Harding Recently, I’ve been reading up on wolf trapping techniques. I have no plan whatsoever to trap wolves but the skills required are virtually the same for using a trail camera. While I’ve already managed to ‘capture’ most ofContinue reading “Old hunting skills for new technology”

Chainsaw horse build

Sadly, this year I couldn’t attend the Wilderness Gathering because of my son’s surgery so I decided to do a bit of bushcraft at the house instead. I’ve got several cubic metres of hardwood which needs sawing and chopping for winter and I needed a safer chainsaw horse than what we’ve been using up untilContinue reading “Chainsaw horse build”

Red Deer Hind Herd in Snow

Today was stunning. In the village there is still lots of snow yet there’s a bright blue sky and the temperature was 18 degrees centigrade. The kids threw snowballs with the dog and then we went on a walk on the abandoned road through the hills. There were many animals out, particularly Roe and RedContinue reading “Red Deer Hind Herd in Snow”

History crumbles before my eyes

Since I’ve been living in Slovakia, a little over 16 years now, I’ve seen some major changes. I’ve watched entire historical aspects of living culture vanish in the onslaught of globalisation. I took this photo a year ago. It’s of an uninhabited neighbouring property and shows how the barn on the side of the houseContinue reading “History crumbles before my eyes”

Bushcraft Magazine articles

Two of my articles have been published in the Autumn issue of Bushcraft Magazine. Yay! You can buy a copy here – I wrote about the two differing perspectives of living in the bush out here in Eastern Slovakia, from the traditional to the modern, from a villager’s seasonally-dependent perspective to the luxury man-caveContinue reading “Bushcraft Magazine articles”

Svidnik winter market

Each year, just before the snow arrives, the town of Svidnik in North Eastern Slovakia hosts a winter market. People come from all over the area to buy winter clothes, toys and utensils, and also to eat the grilled meat, langos and sausages being sold, or to drink the beer or honey wine. Years back,Continue reading “Svidnik winter market”