Badger Attack trailcam footage

This IR footage of a badger in amazing close up was taken a few hundred metres from my house. It’s seriously cute. Wearing headphones whilst watching is compulsory!

Wild Cat and Fox size comparison

A couple of nights back I caught this pair of predators on the trail cam (Redleaf 1000) quite some distance from the house on the forest edge. As can be seen by the vertical white streak in both images, part of the long grass I’d camouflaged the trail cam with got blown down over theContinue reading “Wild Cat and Fox size comparison”

Pine Marten infra red trail cam

We get two types of Marten around the house, the Pine marten (Martes martes) and the Beech Marten (Martes foina); the one in my attic is the Beech Marten. I’ve been trying for years to get a photo of a Pine Marten – I often see them in the forest but by the time I’veContinue reading “Pine Marten infra red trail cam”

Young Red Fox

We have a new visitor to the garden – a young red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Unlike the manky, hairy old fox I chased out the other week, this one seems quite naive and obviously hasn’t been through a hunting season yet. Recently, Slovakia announced open season on all foxes and raccoon dogs in an attemptContinue reading “Young Red Fox”

Wolf scat close to home

We went for a walk with the dog last night along the abandoned road close to my house in the village. A few hundred metres from home, as the crow flies, I came across this pile of wolf scat. Due to the inordinately hot weather we’ve been having it was too desiccated to calculate howContinue reading “Wolf scat close to home”

Snow on a logging trail

Last night there was quite a heavy snowfall so this morning we decided to go for a walk up into the forest outside the village, along the logging trail. it was seriously hard going as it was a constant climb and the snow adds a completely different dimension to walking. There were many animal tracksContinue reading “Snow on a logging trail”