Survival Shovels, Folding Shovels and Entrenching Tools

They dig. They defend. They chop. They saw – well, theoretically at least. They can even be used to open bottles. Survival shovels and entrenching tool have been a military staple for centuries now, whether for digging fox holes or for close quarter combat in trenches. For the survivalist, prepper, bushcrafter and outdoor person, theyContinue reading “Survival Shovels, Folding Shovels and Entrenching Tools”

View from my office window

While this office is nowhere near as nice as my last one, and the dirty old socialist windows are impossible to clean, and it’s freezing in winter, it does have a nice view of the forested hills surrounding the small Ruthenian town of Svidnik. And the Greek Catholic (Byzantine) church. I’m also extremely pleased toContinue reading “View from my office window”