Winter drags on

While there is a taste of Spring in the air, and the snow melt run-off from the hills is creating new land-borne streams (especially, unfortunately, at the back of my garage), there is still a lot of snow about and last week saw night time temperature below minus 10. I really dislike the period betweenContinue reading “Winter drags on”

Kofola wild boar – my favourite Christmas advert

In Slovakia, the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without this advert. The product is Kofola, an old Slovak fizzy soft drink somewhere between Coca Cola and Dandelion and Burdock which has made a big come-back (it’s also what i prefer to drink). This advert is shown every winter, and has been for many years.Continue reading “Kofola wild boar – my favourite Christmas advert”

Winter tyres

This week I changed the summer tyres for winter tyres on the car. This is both a legal requirement and a necessity out here. Without them, the car would just spin in place. I’ve no idea why the UK doesn’t implement this law and then the country wouldn’t grind to a halt, with horrific trafficContinue reading “Winter tyres”