Early winter clothing

Now that the temperature at night drops below zero, once dusk comes it’s necessary to pack on layers of clothing. I find its good to use a mixture of the traditional and also modern technology. The 3 areas of the body which really feel the cold first are the feet, hands and head. To staveContinue reading “Early winter clothing”

Fieldfare in apple tree

I once had a long argument online with some amateur know it all British ornithologist as he rebuked my observation of fieldfares (Turdus pilaris) in trees. He flatly stated that they NEVER sit on branches but always stay on the ground when not flying. The fieldfare is a common sight here during winter, with flocksContinue reading “Fieldfare in apple tree”

Winter tyres

This week I changed the summer tyres for winter tyres on the car. This is both a legal requirement and a necessity out here. Without them, the car would just spin in place. I’ve no idea why the UK doesn’t implement this law and then the country wouldn’t grind to a halt, with horrific trafficContinue reading “Winter tyres”