Velorex reconstruction

My friend Martin, a whizz at all things mechanical, has just bought an old Czechoslovak three wheeled Velorex to reconstruct. His last project was a vintage tractor. Once the Velorex is rebuilt with a new canvas frame it will look funky, plus massively increase in value, as only 15000 were ever produced. A seriously retroContinue reading “Velorex reconstruction”

Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm camera

A new toy, and almost mint condition! This is a Czechoslovakian Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm wind-up movie camera from 1965. It was found in a store cupboard and now has a new home. I just need to get some spools, 8mm movie roll and a projector. And then a complex video transfer device so IContinue reading “Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm camera”