Halloween Memento Mori – 21st Century Stoicism

“Memento Mori” means ‘remember you will die’, Halloween is a feast of the dead, or at least the wandering souls of the dead… It is a night of horror and darkness, a time for some scary fun. But it’s also the day before All Saints’, when we seriously remember those who have departed. Just asContinue reading “Halloween Memento Mori – 21st Century Stoicism”

Bushcraft Minimalism – outdoor adventure in the forest with the minimal kit

What are the essential basic items you need to ensure your survival in a forest environment? Excluding knowledge, skills and experience, there are a few simple bits of kit which can make your life much easier when out in the bush. While it’s tempting to invest in bagloads of expensive gear, bushcraft equipment can beContinue reading “Bushcraft Minimalism – outdoor adventure in the forest with the minimal kit”

Daily Cottage Life in Winter in the Carpathian Mountains

A cottage in one of the wildest and most beautiful areas of Europe during a long, freezing cold Winter. Life here is both a daily challenge and a great source of joy. I’m often asked why I live where I do, and in this short video I try to explain my reasoning. Traditional rural lifeContinue reading “Daily Cottage Life in Winter in the Carpathian Mountains”