Slovak National News (Markiza) features me :)

Slovak National News (Markiza) features me :)

Tonight I was featured on the Slovak national channel Markiza’s evening news regarding the Queen’s 63rd year of reign and my writing. I was happy how my segment turned out – I’ve had some bad experiences with Slovak media due to their mistranslation of already bad British media coverage of the Nat Geo Preppers UK programme, particularly the Daily Mail. This time I was quite pleased 🙂

For those wanting to watch the 2 minute segment, click the link and then go down the page, in the middle under the multi-coloured arrow things, to where it says ‘Obsah Videa‘. There’s a list of segments, with arrow in circle bullet points beneath this, and mine is second from bottom, ‘Hrdy Anglican‘.

The new Bushcraft Magazine article is featured (Leshy – Guardian of the Forest).

Queen Elizabeth II 63 years reign – proud to be British!

This video is in honour of the greatest ever monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

On September 9th 2015 Her Majesty will have reigned for 63 years and therefore be the longest reigning British Monarch.

I am proud to have been born and raised under Her reign and am proud that wherever I go in the world I know I am British and Her loyal subject.

Long may she reign!