The Essence of Zazen

This is the first time I’ve posted someone else’s picture on but I felt it had to be done. This picture, created by Aik Art of DeviantArt, is one of the most powerful and self-encompassing images I’ve come across. It truly shows the essence of Zen. I find myself just staring at it forContinue reading “The Essence of Zazen”

Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2

I’ve just returned from a week long family trip to Croatia. It was a long drive through Slovakia, Hungary and then all of Croatia but it was worth it. We rented the same house on the sea that we had last year and did much of the same aquatic activities. This time I took withContinue reading “Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2”

Dead Bat

I see a lot of bats flying around in the day time. Until fairly recently, in the towns they roosted in the gaps in the side walls of the ubiquitous socialist apartment blocks. However, there has been a flurry of energy-saving reconstruction, mostly polystyrene blocks placed over the walls and then plastered over. This hasContinue reading “Dead Bat”

Spring remnants of Winter

Still the grass and bushes are bleak, with the remains of bird-eaten berries decaying on the twigs. The blue skies have gone and the overcast has returned, making it feel more like late Autumn again – especially following the snow shower last Sunday. I really hope Spring kicks in proper at some point.

Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm camera

A new toy, and almost mint condition! This is a Czechoslovakian Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm wind-up movie camera from 1965. It was found in a store cupboard and now has a new home. I just need to get some spools, 8mm movie roll and a projector. And then a complex video transfer device so IContinue reading “Meopta Admira A8GO 8mm camera”

New Year in the Carpathians

Last night, New Year’s Eve (or Silvester as they call it locally) was beyond cold. The thermometer broke so I’ve no idea just how cold it got but in the morning it was minus 17 Centigrade. We spent several hours preparing wood from old planks and beech and oak logs, then made sure both theContinue reading “New Year in the Carpathians”

Ukrainian Rangefinder FED 5 (1981)

This is the old Soviet copy of a Leica with an Industar 61 LD lens. It was my wife’s father’s and under Socialism it was a bit of a luxury item. I really would like to do a series of photos with it to capture that vintage look. There’s something about the feel, weight andContinue reading “Ukrainian Rangefinder FED 5 (1981)”