Sandy has a visit from rescued dogs

My Jack Russell, Sandy, was ecstatic today to have a visit from a brother and sister pair who are still puppies. My wife’s cousin’s husband found them abandoned at the Polish border and brought them home. They’re a very mixed breed pair but they’re very sweet. I hate it when people just dump their dogsContinue reading “Sandy has a visit from rescued dogs”

Tibetan mastiff and kitten

This is a friend’s Tibetan mastiff and it’s annoying feline companion. That little cat constantly harasses the dog but the mastiff doesn’t flinch. The dog’s now 8 months old and weighs 45 kilos. It’s probably the best natural guard dog I’ve ever encountered. Since it was a little pup it has guarded and been aloof.Continue reading “Tibetan mastiff and kitten”

Sandy, my Jack Russell terrier

I felt guilt about posting Veles so decided to give Sandy his 5 minutes of fame also. He never relaxes at the village house, always on high alert – whether it’s someone passing the gate, a tractor in the distance, an eagle, stork or raven flying over head, or one of the many village dogsContinue reading “Sandy, my Jack Russell terrier”