Ylvis – The Cabin

My son suggested I watch this. For those of you who have a romantic notion of what cabin life is like, then I suggest you watch it also.

Ylvis sums up exactly what living in my village house is like, or any other remote cabin for that matter. True genius. He hits the nail right on the head.

Summer mushrooms

Summer mushrooms

Over the last couple of days I’ve been going into the forest mushroom picking. This is the first year I’ve seen so many high-end mushrooms. It’s all due to the alternating rain storms and scorching ht days. The forest is damp and muddy, with small streams flowing where none have been for years.

Ordinarily we wait for autumn for mushrooms but this year my basket is filled with Boletus edulis, Boletus reticulatus and, from the meadows, Agaricus campestris.