Walpurgisnacht – Witches’ Sabbath, Black Sabbath, May Day Eve

April 30th is one of the darkest days of the year – traditionally known as the Witches’ Sabbath, the Black Sabbath or May Eve. It is a time of great magic due to the otherworldly and sometimes evil visitors which lurk outside in the night. Practitioners of the occult, paganism, asatru, wicca and other beliefContinue reading “Walpurgisnacht – Witches’ Sabbath, Black Sabbath, May Day Eve”

Earth Day Message from Carpathian Adventure

Earth Day was first proposed by activist John McConnell in 1969 and was introduced to the world in 1970. 51 years on we have utterly decimated the planet but still hold environmentally-friendly activities on Earth Day. It’s like having a Save The Wildlife Day once per year and then hunting every species to extinction forContinue reading “Earth Day Message from Carpathian Adventure”