River picnic

The other night while out looking for suitable places to set my trailcam, I discovered this beautiful stretch of river out in the bush. The next day we decided to go on a picnic there and my brother and his girlfriend joined us. It amazes me that even within a short distance from my houseContinue reading “River picnic”

Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse Fish

One of my favourite activities whilst on holiday is sea fishing. I picked up the bug for it whilst in Florida (especially pier fishing in the Keys) when I was younger. I’m not really a fan of freshwater fishing as I like watching the sun go down over the sea of an evening (and beingContinue reading “Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse Fish”

Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2

I’ve just returned from a week long family trip to Croatia. It was a long drive through Slovakia, Hungary and then all of Croatia but it was worth it. We rented the same house on the sea that we had last year and did much of the same aquatic activities. This time I took withContinue reading “Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2”

Ylvis – The Cabin

My son suggested I watch this. For those of you who have a romantic notion of what cabin life is like, then I suggest you watch it also. Ylvis sums up exactly what living in my village house is like, or any other remote cabin for that matter. True genius. He hits the nail rightContinue reading “Ylvis – The Cabin”