Top 10 Songs About Travelling – Best songs about travel, rambling and adventure

Travel broadens the mind. Travel brings us close to both the Earth and humanity. By leaving the comfort of our homes, and those we know, we step forth into the great unknown and experience sights, smells and sounds we have only previously dreamt about. To sit in a little cafe on a dusty street inContinue reading “Top 10 Songs About Travelling – Best songs about travel, rambling and adventure”

Pension Poľská krčma,Horný Smokovec, Tatra Mountains, review

Over the weekend we stayed at my friend’s Pension (sort of like an inn) in the Tatra Mountains. It’s called, bizarrely, Poľská krčma, which means the Polish Bar. She and her partner have only had it for a few months (since December) and have done quite a bit of reconstruction on it. It’s in anContinue reading “Pension Poľská krčma,Horný Smokovec, Tatra Mountains, review”

Autumn bushcraft in the Carpathians

When I’m at the village house I go to the forest at least twice per day, usually morning to retrieve the trap camera and just before dusk to set it. When I’ve got chance I also like spending the day time wandering about in the woods looking for edible fungi. This weekend we took theContinue reading “Autumn bushcraft in the Carpathians”

River picnic

The other night while out looking for suitable places to set my trailcam, I discovered this beautiful stretch of river out in the bush. The next day we decided to go on a picnic there and my brother and his girlfriend joined us. It amazes me that even within a short distance from my houseContinue reading “River picnic”

Open Air Vestmarka tent review

I bought this OpenAir Vestmarka tent in Jysk as a storage/baggage tent just to keep food and rucksacks etc in when we go camping. It was cheap at 15 Euros and has a rating of 450mm waterproofing. When I got back to the house I put it up just to see what it was like.Continue reading “Open Air Vestmarka tent review”

Me and my son, Brano

On Sunday, my son Brano and my brother and his girlfriend travelled to the High Tatra Mountains to go on a hike. The weather was insanely hot – about 36 degrees Celsius, and the track was basically loose rocks all the way. Extremely hard going. It was a long day with lots of driving butContinue reading “Me and my son, Brano”

Winter drags on

While there is a taste of Spring in the air, and the snow melt run-off from the hills is creating new land-borne streams (especially, unfortunately, at the back of my garage), there is still a lot of snow about and last week saw night time temperature below minus 10. I really dislike the period betweenContinue reading “Winter drags on”

Snow on a logging trail

Last night there was quite a heavy snowfall so this morning we decided to go for a walk up into the forest outside the village, along the logging trail. it was seriously hard going as it was a constant climb and the snow adds a completely different dimension to walking. There were many animal tracksContinue reading “Snow on a logging trail”

Swiss Army backpack review and modifications

Continuing the theme of old school kit, I purchased a Swiss Army backpack for approximately 15 GBP. This rucksack was issued but came in excellent condition. I’m unsure of its date of issue but presume it was 60s or 70s. It’s made of rubberized canvas with leather straps, it’s waterproof and very heavy. If you’reContinue reading “Swiss Army backpack review and modifications”