Dark Walk & Talk – 2022 is not looking good

Energy crisis, food shortages, gas prices, droughts, WW3, hyperinflation, stock market crash, great depression, winter storms, plagues of locusts… 2022 will be a right laugh.We’re only half way through February 2022, in fact 02/22/2022, and many of the predictions made last year concerning the state of the world, its food sources and economy are allContinue reading “Dark Walk & Talk – 2022 is not looking good”

Ladies and Gentlemen – Taboo?

Once again TPTB have used divide and conquer tactics, through misdirection away from legitimate causes, to confuse the world even further when we should really be paying even greater attention to what’s going on around us. The phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’ is being struck off as it is apparently offensive to those who are neither.Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen – Taboo?”