Monster Catfishing and hospital

Today was a strangely mixed day. My friend Martin invited me to go monster catfishing with him in his boat on Lake Domasa. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. I was amazed by the amount of technology Martin had on the boat, including sonar and electric GPS anchor motor. We usedContinue reading “Monster Catfishing and hospital”

Feeding fish with bread

Today was a very fish-related day. The photo shows the effect of a chunk of bread thrown into the River Ladomirka – a fish feeding frenzy. I also started the process of getting my fishing license so i can fish around my village. The bureaucracy is really off-putting and requires visits to several offices forContinue reading “Feeding fish with bread”

Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse Fish

One of my favourite activities whilst on holiday is sea fishing. I picked up the bug for it whilst in Florida (especially pier fishing in the Keys) when I was younger. I’m not really a fan of freshwater fishing as I like watching the sun go down over the sea of an evening (and beingContinue reading “Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse Fish”

Handmade fishing flies

Today my friend Martin, who is ranked 2nd in Slovakia for individual fishing, brought me some of his homemade flies, lures, spinners and plugs to look at. My eyes strained just trying to focus on their minutae and I can’t imagine the patience he must have to craft tiny flies from feathers, deer hair andContinue reading “Handmade fishing flies”