Pope John Paul the Second statue, Krosno, Poland

Today we went to the town of Krosno in South east Poland to do some shopping. Years back, the large open air market there was the only place locally to buy clothes, cheap food and  other stuff, even though it’s in a different country. In return, the Poles from that area would come to SvidnikContinue reading “Pope John Paul the Second statue, Krosno, Poland”

Russian Orthodox church, Svidnik

I took this photo last year and edited it to be a part of the minimalized collection. This morning was very cold and there was a dense fog which suggested snow so it made me think of winter. This is an amazing Russian Orthodox church in Svidnik, Eastern Slovakia

Sunset over the forest

I’ve been waiting for days for a break in the rain so that I can mow the lawn and sort the garden out. I’d also like to ride Feisty before winter comes as she’ll be locked up for months. The sky tonight over the forested hills surrounding the town of Svidnik promise better days toContinue reading “Sunset over the forest”

The Wolf Mountains

I’m often asked why I live where I do, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Watch the film ‘The Wolf Mountains’ (Vlčie Hory) and you’ll understand why. It’s filmed an hour away from me and, aside from the bison, wild horse and bear (thankfully), we get all the same wildlife right outside my backContinue reading “The Wolf Mountains”

Hammock camping in forest

Last night I tried hammock camping for the first time. My friend Steve had given me a decent tarp which I hadn’t used yet and, along with a cheap Thai mosquito hammock, I set up for another night out. Setting up took longer than expected, about 2 hours, but I think it will be muchContinue reading “Hammock camping in forest”

Bardejov town wall

Once again this morning I found myself having breakfast coffee in Bardejov due to my car needing to visit the mechanic. The sun shone and it was nice to be amongst the history and culture of the town. I had chance to visit the ‘army shop’, a wooden portal a in located in the carContinue reading “Bardejov town wall”

Carpathian rainbow

Sometimes the beauty of nature just stops me in my tracks. For a fleeting moment, all worries and concerns disappear and I’m left awestruck, mesmerized. We go through life so obsessed with artificial minutiae, regrets over the past and anxiety over the future, that we often forget to just stop and enjoy the magnificence ofContinue reading “Carpathian rainbow”