Winter Storm Warning – 93% are unprepared for a blizzard

There’s a monster snow storm incoming. What should you do to prepare? Last year, Texas suffered massively form the Deep Freeze because it wasn’t prepared. Don’t let yourself or your family suffer from the same situation.After years of weathering extremely harsh Winters in a remote village in Central Eastern Europe, I have learned from experienceContinue reading “Winter Storm Warning – 93% are unprepared for a blizzard”

Not Getting Views On YouTube? Here’s Why…

Is nobody or only a few watching your videos and you don’t know why? Simple Youtube Skills For Getting Views And Subscribers.Have you started a Youtube channel or are thinking about starting one? In this video I explain the basic skills and techniques to grow your channel. When your videos get zero or only aContinue reading “Not Getting Views On YouTube? Here’s Why…”

Deep Forest Relax – Music for sleep, study and meditation 420 Hz Binaural beats

Deep forest relaxing meditation music for sleep and study featuring stunning images of trees, forests and woodland. Calming music to help relax the mind

Trail Camera Buying Tips – How to choose the perfect game camera for you

What to look for in a trail camera for hunting, wildlife management, wildlife photography or home security? There are so many game cameras out there, many from big name brands, so how do you know which one is right for you? Is it better to buy a more expensive one from an established brand orContinue reading “Trail Camera Buying Tips – How to choose the perfect game camera for you”

2022 Be Proactive Not Reactive

It’s time for a major change in how we’re currently viewing life. Instead of just reacting to this bizarre situation we find ourselves in – along with more and more restrictions placed upon us – we need to start focusing on ourselves and how we want to spend our few years of life on thisContinue reading “2022 Be Proactive Not Reactive”

Secret Space Symbol – Vector, Swoosh, Chevron, Delta – Official Alien Disclosure Pt.3

The biggest secrets are often in plain sight, and rely on the fact that without understanding the meaning of the secret, mere knowledge of its existence alone helps no-one. This is such a case – NASA’s, and virtually the entire world’s, use of a strange symbol in every aspect of the space industry.It’s known asContinue reading “Secret Space Symbol – Vector, Swoosh, Chevron, Delta – Official Alien Disclosure Pt.3”

Reality Check – Real Life Problems Paid Me A Visit – Self Reliant Lifestyle

Hypothesising and philosophising is great when life gives you a moment to yourself to reflect. But then life, especially if you live a self reliant lifestyle, rings the alarm and wakes you up, reminding you about the here and now. Then it ladles lots of urgent issues on your plate and somehow you have toContinue reading “Reality Check – Real Life Problems Paid Me A Visit – Self Reliant Lifestyle”

WW3 in 2022? Biden, Putin, Ukraine, Russia, USA, EU, Taiwan, China

Tomorrow, Presidents Biden and Putin will hold a conference call online regarding Russia’s massive build up of troops along the Ukraine border. Is this, as some fear, the precursor to an invasion? And what would be the West’s reaction if it was – more sanctions, or an armed response? With Ukraine becoming closer to membershipContinue reading “WW3 in 2022? Biden, Putin, Ukraine, Russia, USA, EU, Taiwan, China”

Listen To Nature – Change the World in Partnership with Earth

The climate change argument is filled with non sequitors, both on the side of the politicians and corporations and on the protestors’. Yes, we desperately need to sort out what we are doing to the planet before it’s too late. Yes, we need to completely change how we produce food and energy, how we wasteContinue reading “Listen To Nature – Change the World in Partnership with Earth”

Scat Tracking & Sh1t Talking – Identifying animal faeces

Tracking animals can be difficult on many types of terrain. It’s not always like in the guidebooks. But tracking doesn’t just involve knowing the patterns left by hoof and paw – sometimes knowing the scat and dung left behind by an animal can be even more important.In this video I take you tracking red deer,Continue reading “Scat Tracking & Sh1t Talking – Identifying animal faeces”