Tibetan mastiff and kitten

This is a friend’s Tibetan mastiff and it’s annoying feline companion. That little cat constantly harasses the dog but the mastiff doesn’t flinch. The dog’s now 8 months old and weighs 45 kilos. It’s probably the best natural guard dog I’ve ever encountered. Since it was a little pup it has guarded and been aloof.Continue reading “Tibetan mastiff and kitten”

My old Bullmastiff, Veles

Over the weekend I visited my wife’s uncle, an old cowherd, to whom I gave my Bullmastiff many years back as his own dog had died. My Bullmastiff, Veles, named after the ancient Slavic god – the one to whom I feel the closest – is an old boy now but still acts like aContinue reading “My old Bullmastiff, Veles”