Peacock Blenny

This has to be one of the strangest fish I have ever encountered. It was about 20 cms long and was crawling across the rock at the bottom of the harbour using its fore fins like arms or legs. Until I found out what it was (Salaria pavo) I would have sworn it was someContinue reading “Peacock Blenny”


One of the most fascinating sea creatures for me is the octopus. I found this small one whilst snorkelling off the coast of Croatia. They’re incredibly complicated and intelligent creatures and I although I ate them when I was young I wouldn’t dream of doing so now. The way they watch you with their eyesContinue reading “Octopus”

Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2

I’ve just returned from a week long family trip to Croatia. It was a long drive through Slovakia, Hungary and then all of Croatia but it was worth it. We rented the same house on the sea that we had last year and did much of the same aquatic activities. This time I took withContinue reading “Snorkelling in Croatia with a Dazzne P2”