Forest cabin

Forest cabin

This is a cabin we stayed at last weekend in the forest above Svidnik, East Slovakia. It’s owned by the regional forest office and is situated on Black Mountain. The hill is renowned for the bandits who used to inhabit it centuries ago, and also for the number of German soldiers who died there during the war.

Despite being deep in the forest it was silent, creepily so. Apart from one owl which called for 30 seconds, the rest of the night was without animal or bird activity. It was like a blanket of silence had been thrown over the area. Ordinarily, the forests around here produce a cacophony of sound once darkness falls. Not at that cabin… I was pleased when dawn arrived.

I guess that part of the forest remembers the dead.

Ylvis – The Cabin

My son suggested I watch this. For those of you who have a romantic notion of what cabin life is like, then I suggest you watch it also.

Ylvis sums up exactly what living in my village house is like, or any other remote cabin for that matter. True genius. He hits the nail right on the head.