Creepy Carpathian Unknown Animal Trailcam

This is in response to a comment by Josh Gross – The Jaguar about game cam use. This is some strange trail cam footage I got a few months back. The creature is both large and partially transparent. No idea what it is but I guess it could be a wild boar. The photos creepedContinue reading “Creepy Carpathian Unknown Animal Trailcam”

Hallowe’en and first frost

The days are shorter, the nights are longer and the first frost has arrived. Yesterday was Hallowe’en and it was an odd day. In the morning, one of the pinned postcards on the cork board in the kitchen fell down and my wife decided to throw it in the bin. I told her it wasContinue reading “Hallowe’en and first frost”

It’s good to be home

After the trip to Croatia and then the UK this summer, I was glad to have a little time back in the village in Slovakia to go off to the hills and forest and reconnect. The weather’s been awful so I had to time my walks between heavy rainstorms. This is the view from theContinue reading “It’s good to be home”