River picnic

The other night while out looking for suitable places to set my trailcam, I discovered this beautiful stretch of river out in the bush. The next day we decided to go on a picnic there and my brother and his girlfriend joined us. It amazes me that even within a short distance from my houseContinue reading “River picnic”

Open Air Vestmarka tent review

I bought this OpenAir Vestmarka tent in Jysk as a storage/baggage tent just to keep food and rucksacks etc in when we go camping. It was cheap at 15 Euros and has a rating of 450mm waterproofing. When I got back to the house I put it up just to see what it was like.Continue reading “Open Air Vestmarka tent review”

Adventurous visitors

I’ve just had three friends visit, one old and two new, John, Pete and Tilly, for a long weekend. They drove here from North Wales, which is an exhausting two-day drive each way. Because they were only here for a few days, we tried to pack as much in as possible. We visited the UNESCOContinue reading “Adventurous visitors”

Hammock camping in forest

Last night I tried hammock camping for the first time. My friend Steve had given me a decent tarp which I hadn’t used yet and, along with a cheap Thai mosquito hammock, I set up for another night out. Setting up took longer than expected, about 2 hours, but I think it will be muchContinue reading “Hammock camping in forest”

Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut

Yesterday evening, while suffering from flu, I got the urge to try sleeping out in the forest during the Red deer stags’ rutting period. I hadn’t done it during this period before because I’ve had problems in the woods with hormonal enraged stags during this time in the past. But the noise of multiples ofContinue reading “Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut”