The Wolf Mountains

I’m often asked why I live where I do, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Watch the film ‘The Wolf Mountains’ (VlĨie Hory) and you’ll understand why. It’s filmed an hour away from me and, aside from the bison, wild horse and bear (thankfully), we get all the same wildlife right outside my back door. Living in my region, in terms of flora and fauna, is like living back in the Middle Ages – a state of natural beauty lost to the rest of Europe. Sadly, modern technology, urbanisation and mass farming are encroaching and I’m glad my children had the chance to grow up here before the wolf, boar, lynx, beaver, marten and stag are lost to corporate coffee shop chains, fast food outlets and genetically modified crops.

Humanity really needs to consider just what we’re leaving for future generations and losing for momentary greed

Carpathian rainbow

Carpathian rainbow

Sometimes the beauty of nature just stops me in my tracks. For a fleeting moment, all worries and concerns disappear and I’m left awestruck, mesmerized. We go through life so obsessed with artificial minutiae, regrets over the past and anxiety over the future, that we often forget to just stop and enjoy the magnificence of the present. The rainbow is Nature’s way of saying “Oi! Pay attention!” Life is thousands of nows, each an experience and adventure in their own right.