Carpathian backroads motorcycle ride

These are the local back roads where I live in Eastern Slovakia. This is an improved video from the last one as this time I’ve attached the Dazzne P2 to my helmet rather than on a chest rig. I’m still working out angles and stuff.
That blue car really annoyed me when it appeared – I hate busy traffic 🙂
The bike is Feisty, my Mk.1 Aprilia Pegaso 650.
The Dazzne P2 is good for the price but constantly produces a slightly out of sync square in the centre-right of the image. I’ve noticed that this is far worse whilst filming in a forest and it makes viewing a headache.

Riding the Eclipse

Riding the Eclipse

What a day! The Spring Equinox, a Supermoon and a solar eclipse… none of them compare to finally getting Feisty, my motorbike, back on the road after a long winter. Three days this week we’ve spent messing around with batteries, finally I ordered a new one and then discovered we had to fill it with sulphuric acid and then charge it overnight. We changed the front brake and air filter and cleaned the spark plug as it was black and wet. Under a darkened crescent sun, Feisty finally roared back into life.

It’s still well below zero here at night and the cars are frozen in the mornings, and the day time temperature isn’t exactly balmy, but blue skies after months of grey called…

I took Feisty out to the village to check the house and then, on the way back, stopped for half a litre of draught Kofola at a traditional socialist krcma, a village bar. A couple of years back I came close to taking this exact same bar in rent, and had even negotiated the buy-out price for the former lessee. Thankfully, I backed out at the last minute or I’d now be spending every single day and night in a remote village, serving the locals. A little shop came with the property and I just couldn’t imagine selling chunks of bread or cartons of milk day after day, especially as most would go out on credit as no one there has any money.

Instead, I drank my drink and watched the stream gurgle past, then mounted Feisty and rode off. Not quite the Best Bar in America but it’ll do for me….

Magura national park, Poland

Magura national park, Poland

As it’s such a beautiful Autumn day, we decided to take a ride on Feisty across the border into Poland, into the Magura national park. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I heard about the bears crossing over. The area is beautiful with many old wooden houses still lived in. There are signs warning of wolves and bears and this just adds to the feeling of riding a motorcycle around twisty, hilly roads.

We’ll definitely be going back.

Bardejov town wall

Bardejov town wall

Once again this morning I found myself having breakfast coffee in Bardejov due to my car needing to visit the mechanic. The sun shone and it was nice to be amongst the history and culture of the town. I had chance to visit the ‘army shop’, a wooden portal a in located in the car park of a German supermarket. I picked up a poncho cheaply but was beaten to a green canvas rucksack by a red faced villager who oozed alcohol from every pore.

If the weather holds, tomorrow I’ll try out my new hammock and tarp. I still haven’t got over the flu but a sudden business cancellation has left me a night’s free time and I want to make the most of the rutting period before the stags are slaughtered, one by one…..