Throwing Hot Water Into Cold Air (boiling water, freezing air)

It’s minus 15 so I decided to show what throwing a cup of boiling water does upon coming into contact with freezing air. Hot water on ice, or hot water in cold air, does strange things. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own cloud, or mini snowstorm, then this is how you do it. It also exemplifies the difference between cold water and hot water – hot water freezes much faster than cold water does, bizarrely. This also shows you how to make steam.When you live in a cottage in a small rural village in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Europe, and the Siberian sub-zero Winter just keeps on going and going, you have to find ways to entertain yourself. Next week I’ll show how to lick metal poles like Dumb and Dumber….

Warning – don’t try this at home as it does involve boiling water!

Snow Thaw Self Reliance – life in a rural cottage in Winter

When Winter comes and goes, bringing with it first the snow and the ice and then the desolation of the thaw as the long road to Spring begins, the devastation that blizzards and freezing temperatures and tonnes of snow have created becomes exposed. It is at this time that one really begins to understand the concept of self-reliance in a rural, country setting. When one has to turn to one’s own inner strength to remedy the damage left behind. This is the truest part of Winter, after the romance has faded.
Choosing to live a cottage or cabin life is quite different to that shown on TV as it requires one to develop skills and inner strength – it’s not just about whimsy and fantasy.

Death, Reincarnation and the Soul (and NDEs) – some thoughts

A Death Studies Faculty should be a major part of every university, but instead any scientific research into the single most important human question – what happens when we die – is ridiculed. This video is part 2 of my Life Before Birth series, and in it I question certain illogical societal traits regarding life after death, and give some of my own views on the nature of the soul and human existence, based on many years of research into the paranormal and ancient belief systems. I also discuss doctors and neurosurgeons who have taken an interest in near death experiences (NDEs).

Again, this video is metaphysical in nature rather than wilderness based so if you are uncomfortable with such topics then please don’t watch it.

Mini Gray Man Every Day Carry (EDC)

All the basic survival essentials in a small pouch, subtly disguised as something innocuous which can be carried or worn in daily life at work or at the gym, etc. The gray man (grey man UK) technique is a way of disguising the individual and their equipment , but it means that the most important every day carry (EDC) items are there at hand should they be needed. Useful tips for preppers and survivalists. This video answers questions such as what to carry, how to carry edc, which survival items are most useful, which items do you need to survive, etc.

Life Before Birth – A Personal Memory (similar to NDE)

Two memories of what I remember/experienced before being born. Unlike Near Death Experience (NDE), these happened pre-birth, one memory being of the end of a previous life, and the second of what happens in between lives. In the video I also discuss OOBE (out of body experience), astral projection or the soul leaving the body, the tunnel of white light, the life review and being greeted by loved ones in Heaven. I also mention the famous medium Dolores Cannon and her teachings on the soul, aliens and other dimensions.
My own memories/experience are quite a bit different to the usual accounts of after death experience or near death experience. I also briefly explain the Gnostic reasoning behind life itself, and question whether we are here out of choice or as a punishment on a prison planet. Similarly, I also look at arguments supporting reincarnation.
This video is metaphysical in nature, rather than wilderness-based, so if you are not a fan of such things then please don’t watch it. If paranormal, supernatural or interdimensional/extraterrestrial topics are not your thing, then please watch my other videos based more in the real world.

Home-Made Snow Camo – a wearable work of art

How to make snow camouflage at home. Basic arts and crafts applied to a bushcraft or wilderness winter environment. Especially useful if you find yourself, like in The Long Dark, in extreme winter conditions and you’re unprepared yet you need to hunt or use evasive techniques to avoid detection. Simple to paint and make at home using paint or a permanent marker pen. Create your own abstract real tree camo and throw in a bit of flecktarn, Siberian and digital camo for good measure…
Also, the video shows how to paint your own clothes to create a wearable piece of art. Breathe life into clothes you haven’t worn for a while and you not only create something individualistic and original, you also save money as you don’t need to buy expensive latest fashion trends (in camo styles).

Hand Painted Clothing

Skinwalker Ranch – Protecting the Investigators, a Proposal

After observing the research that has been performed at the Skinwalker Ranch over the last two decades, and the extensive and varied paranormal phenomena experienced by the researchers, I propose two methods to be employed to protect the investigators using traditional beliefs, as clearly electronic devices are greatly affected by whatever is present in the Uintah basin and can not be relied upon.
From the Shermans to Robert Bigelow to the current owner Brandon Fugal, as well as the various organizations such as NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) and AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), and covered by George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell and the History Channel to name but a few, virtually everyone who has spent time at Skinwalker Ranch has experienced a wide range of what can only be termed as paranormal or supernatural phenomena, some of it seemingly even extraterrestrial or interdimensional in origin. Some of which has proven to be dangerous, even life-threatening. Using my own experience in the various esoteric fields, in this video I suggest what the researchers should be doing to protect themselves whilst investigating, and also to prevent them taking home ‘hitchhikers’, something akin to demonic possession. There are definitely more things on Heaven and Earth than dreamt of in our current philosophies, and as the Skinwalker Ranch researchers explore the unknown, it would be wise to have a fail-safe employed by many cultures over many centuries to protect them in their endeavours, in what is possibly the greatest scientific research study of our time.

How to distress/vintage leather boots

How to take a shiny pair of leather boots, change their colour and age them to give a distressed vintage leather look without destroying the leather or making them unusable for everyday wear. Also, had to waterproof the boots so that they both keep the distressed vintage look and are also practical. This method can also be used to distress leather coats and leather bags.

Stop Wasting Money On Stuff You Don’t Need – The Earth Ultimately Pays For It

Many of us have been hit hard financially by the pandemic, yet our mindset is still focused on constantly buying new and expensive goods and foods that we don’t really need. In this video I give some reasons why we should be changing our mindset – for our sake, and for the sake of the planet Earth, and also some suggestions on how, by doing things a little differently, we can have more more economical and fruitful, creative lives.
How to survive in challenging times? I explain about buying second hand, growing your own, refurbishing and repainting, and actually making your own furniture, clothes and other items. Constructive creativity not only saves what meagre finances many of us are trying to live on, but also battles against looming depression and loneliness brought on by continued lockdowns and fear of mortality due to the virus.
Reuse, repair and repurpose.

Leshy – Found Footage Creepy Forest Slavonic Mythology Horror Movie (Ver.2, edited!)

A once-successful writer who has just gone through a messy divorce is given the opportunity to spend some time writing his next book in the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, the ancient spirit of the forest, the Leshy, takes an instant dislike to him as it sees him personally responsible for deforestation – which is ironic as the writer suffers from xylophobia, a fear of wooded places.

Please note – this is the second version of the film. It has been reduced in time (from 90 to 60 minutes), had more audio added, and has been tweaked and edited. The original film had an insanely short self-imposed deadline and therefore had many faults. Although somewhat shorter, this Version 2 is more what I wished to portray in the first. Even if you’ve already seen the first, please watch this new version and give it a chance. It should be a lot scarier and, hopefully, more professionally presented.

The Leshy movie, based on the ancient Slovak and Slavic legendary forest creature – part man, part deer – was filmed during Slovak national lockdown due to the current pandemic, and is hopefully motivation for others to experiment and get positive and creative instead of looking at the negatives in these difficult times.
For those who love a good psychological horror or paranormal horror film, along with those who are into their cryptozoology and ancient legends (think sasquatch, wendigo, bigfoot, yeti or Herne the Hunter), and who also like a bit of tongue in cheek fun, then Leshy is definitely for you. Especially for fans of Tom Riley’s Bad Ben series – hugely motivating for those who want to start off in film making.

The Leshy found footage forest horror film is also an excellent example of what anyone can do when they put their mind to it – with no budget, some basic equipment and opensource software (kdenlive, audacity, linux mint). Anyone can make a low budget or no budget horror movie, and Leshy should give you some tips and tricks (most likely on what not not to do…).
The entire film was originally made in one week (the week leading up to Halloween) – it was written, filmed, all audio created, and edited in seven days. By one person – Edward O’Toole. The sound bytes and original audio were mixed using Audacity and are from original clips of the various animals and other sound sources (circular saws, wind chimes, etc.) from around the village, all originally recorded by Edward. The wolf sound is actually from a recording of Edward’s sister-in-law’s Czechoslovak Wolfdog when it was put back in its cage during a birthday party – it spent the whole time howling to be let out as it wanted to socialize. Wolfdogs are virtually identical to Carpathian wolves (as they are a mix of them and German shepherd). Other sounds came from wild boar or the red deer stag rut, for example (videos of which can be found on

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