Preparing for WW3 – Surviving Russia vs Ukraine, Off-Grid & Online

Russia vs Ukraine, NATO, the U.S… A war that would literally be on my doorstep. I thought I was prepared for anything – virtually off-grid, self-sufficient, experienced in bushcraft and outdoor skills… Just like many others who call themselves preppers and survivalists. But we live in the 21st Century, and the world is a muchContinue reading “Preparing for WW3 – Surviving Russia vs Ukraine, Off-Grid & Online”

WW3 – Russia Ukraine Invasion, World War Three begins in February 2022?

I live 40 miles from Ukraine and NATO is sending troops here. Russia has amassed an army on its side of the border, and NATO and the U.S. want to send troops and vehicles to Eastern Europe to prepare should Russia decide to invade Ukraine – which President Biden thinks will happen in February 2022Continue reading “WW3 – Russia Ukraine Invasion, World War Three begins in February 2022?”

WW3 in 2022? Biden, Putin, Ukraine, Russia, USA, EU, Taiwan, China

President Biden has stated that he believes Russia will invade Ukraine. Following an intelligence report stating that Russia is possibly planning to invade Ukraine with 175,000 troops, and satellite imagery confirming a large build up of several battalions along the border, just what is Putin planning? And how far will the US and EU goContinue reading “WW3 in 2022? Biden, Putin, Ukraine, Russia, USA, EU, Taiwan, China”

Survival Shovels, Folding Shovels and Entrenching Tools

They dig. They defend. They chop. They saw – well, theoretically at least. They can even be used to open bottles. Survival shovels and entrenching tool have been a military staple for centuries now, whether for digging fox holes or for close quarter combat in trenches. For the survivalist, prepper, bushcrafter and outdoor person, theyContinue reading “Survival Shovels, Folding Shovels and Entrenching Tools”

Vintage Bushcraft Equipment for Real Wilderness Use

This video shows bushcraft equipment (or items repurposed as such) from the period spanning from the 1930s to the 1970s. In it, I explain the pros and cons of various items – including the Swiss Mountain backpack, the Czechoslovak bedroll, the modern idea of the bushcraft knife and the traditional Scandinavian camp axe, all fromContinue reading “Vintage Bushcraft Equipment for Real Wilderness Use”

Alex, Robert Fico and Dukla

Today is the 71st anniversary of the KDO (Carpathian Dukla Operations) one of the worst battles of WW2 and also known as the Battle of Dukla ( My town of Svidnik was rebuilt by the Russians after the war to commemorate it. The sheer number of casualties, both dead and wounded, is staggering. This isContinue reading “Alex, Robert Fico and Dukla”