Dark Walk & Talk – 2022 is not looking good

Energy crisis, food shortages, gas prices, droughts, WW3, hyperinflation, stock market crash, great depression, winter storms, plagues of locusts… 2022 will be a right laugh.We’re only half way through February 2022, in fact 02/22/2022, and many of the predictions made last year concerning the state of the world, its food sources and economy are allContinue reading “Dark Walk & Talk – 2022 is not looking good”

The Secret to Happiness & Success – IKIGAI

What makes you happy? And are you? What’s your motivation to get out of bed every day? What’s the purpose of your life? What do you live for? Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say you are who you want to be, you are where you want to be, and youContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness & Success – IKIGAI”

2022 Be Proactive Not Reactive

It’s time for a major change in how we’re currently viewing life. Instead of just reacting to this bizarre situation we find ourselves in – along with more and more restrictions placed upon us – we need to start focusing on ourselves and how we want to spend our few years of life on thisContinue reading “2022 Be Proactive Not Reactive”

Reality Check – Real Life Problems Paid Me A Visit – Self Reliant Lifestyle

Hypothesising and philosophising is great when life gives you a moment to yourself to reflect. But then life, especially if you live a self reliant lifestyle, rings the alarm and wakes you up, reminding you about the here and now. Then it ladles lots of urgent issues on your plate and somehow you have toContinue reading “Reality Check – Real Life Problems Paid Me A Visit – Self Reliant Lifestyle”

Listen To Nature – Change the World in Partnership with Earth

The climate change argument is filled with non sequitors, both on the side of the politicians and corporations and on the protestors’. Yes, we desperately need to sort out what we are doing to the planet before it’s too late. Yes, we need to completely change how we produce food and energy, how we wasteContinue reading “Listen To Nature – Change the World in Partnership with Earth”

Halloween Memento Mori – 21st Century Stoicism

“Memento Mori” means ‘remember you will die’, Halloween is a feast of the dead, or at least the wandering souls of the dead… It is a night of horror and darkness, a time for some scary fun. But it’s also the day before All Saints’, when we seriously remember those who have departed. Just asContinue reading “Halloween Memento Mori – 21st Century Stoicism”

Ladies and Gentlemen – Taboo?

Once again TPTB have used divide and conquer tactics, through misdirection away from legitimate causes, to confuse the world even further when we should really be paying even greater attention to what’s going on around us. The phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’ is being struck off as it is apparently offensive to those who are neither.Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen – Taboo?”

Future Artisan Society – crafts and cottage industry as the option to automation and unemployment

Mass unemployment due to automation – this has been an upcoming problem predicted for a long time due to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. What to do with the millions of factory workers, office workers, farm workers, shop keepers, even general practitioners, and other professions who will suddenly find themselves being replaced byContinue reading “Future Artisan Society – crafts and cottage industry as the option to automation and unemployment”

Why Are We Here? Scary Theory 3 – Phobophages, Interdimensional Parasites (a contemporary allegory)

Sometimes it’s best not to ask why we are here, as there are many possible answers and some are just plain terrifying, soul destroying or depressing. In this video I explore quite a popular fringe (yet also ancient religious) belief which makes life just that little bit more terrifying, even after the constant bombardment ofContinue reading “Why Are We Here? Scary Theory 3 – Phobophages, Interdimensional Parasites (a contemporary allegory)”

Why Are We Here? – 3 Scary and Strange Theories for Our Existence

Have you ever wondered what’s the point in existence? Were we created or did we evolve? Schools and churches give different opinions on the meaning of life, and we’re supposed to follow those ideas – or perhaps reject both and state that there is no point.BUT. What if the real reason for our existence wasContinue reading “Why Are We Here? – 3 Scary and Strange Theories for Our Existence”