Snow Storm Shelter Build in 10 minutes – during a white-out blizzard

The fastest snow shelter. Easy to build and it could save your life. When you get caught out in a heavy snow storm or a blizzard, and you are at risk of exposure and hypothermia, then this is what you quickly need to build. This is especially important to know in mountainous terrain or in open areas such as fields, plains and pastures. Sometimes you don’t have time to start collecting the right pieces of wood and then lash them together to make a long term bushcraft shelter, bivouac or lean-to. Sometimes you need to act fast just to survive.
In this video I make an emergency blizzard shelter in ten minutes to show how easy and fast it can be done. And I do it during a blizzard and a white-out at minus 8.
During Winter it’s become popular to go snow camping, to go out in to the great outdoors and spend time in Nature, to test oneself against the elements. But it’s very easy to get caught out. Snow storms can hit in an instant and can be extremely disorienting – you don’t know where you are or where to go. Rather than risk trying to trudge through a blizzard – and possibly end up breaking your leg or even falling off a cliff – it’s often best to just hunker down somewhere out of the wind and fairly dry and wait the storm out.
This situation can happen if you’re staying in a log cabin or even a ski resort and have decided to go for a short hike. Ice storms, icy rain, heavy snowfall, freezing winds, freezing fog – all can turn a pleasant day into a life-threatening nightmare. With some basic gear and the know-how to make a snow cave, you increase your chances of survival greatly. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best – the prepper’s mindset.

Filmed on location in the Carpathian Mountains of East Slovakia with an Apeman 4K action camera.

Published by Carpathian Adventure

My name is Edward O'Toole and I live in one of the wildest, most beautiful parts of Europe, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Life is an adventure - both physically and metaphysically... I've been living out here for the last 22 years, along with my wife, 3 kids and Jack Russell. My main interests involve bushcraft, prepping, survival and wilderness living (self-sufficiency and self-reliance), ecological, green, smart and natural solutions, motorcycles and motorbike club life, writing and art (I have 7 published books), and exploring the paranormal. For more about my lifestyle, art and writing visit

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