edwardotoole.com has been revamped

I’ve finally gotten around to remaking my main website – edwardotoole.com My plan is also to migrate this blog over to there so I can have everything under one roof. It would help me greatly if my regular readers could pop on over and explore a bit and leave comments as to what works andContinue reading “edwardotoole.com has been revamped”

I’m in love… Land Rover Defender 110 Jameson’s Edition

Imagine my surprise. Today, sitting outside my office window in the arse-end of Slovakia was paradise incarnate. I honestly thought it was an early Christmas present. A black Land Rover Defender 110 expedition (with snorkel, of course), emblazoned with God’s own drink, Jameson’s Irish Malt. Just imagine – a Defender with a boot load ofContinue reading “I’m in love… Land Rover Defender 110 Jameson’s Edition”