Goat photo bomb

One thing I’ve discovered from using a trail cam is that there are periods when nothing shows up, despite the camera being on a clearly marked game trail, or that the camera produces lots of File Errors, black photos or fails to take film footage. Another annoying aspect of using a game camera is getting excited because it shows that it’s taken 103 photos and they in fact turn out to be pictures of cows or goats which some local has been grazing in the vicinity.

Weather also heavily effects the camera. Dawn is one of the best times to capture the various denizens of the bush but now there’s a freezing ground mist which blurs the lens making most of the photos useless. The other day I discovered a layer of ice on both the lens and the IR flash from where the dew had frozen. I wonder how it will fare when real winter and massively sub zero temperatures hit.

2 thoughts on “Goat photo bomb

  1. I get loads of photos which aren’t worth posting, usually just bits of animals like a boar’s snout or a marten’s tail. Sometimes they’re tantalising, such as grey fur at the bottom of the frame (could be a wolf) and sometimes they creep the hell out of me because I either can’t identify what it could be or there’s something there that shouldn’t be…. and I know that I was there only a few hours prior, alone and concentrating for a long time on just setting the camera up. I’m tempted to write a book on all the creepy things i, and others I’ve spoken to, have experienced out in the bush.
    i’ll try and find an example of a weird pic and post it.

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