Back from hospital

Finally, my eldest boy, Brano, is back from hospital. He was there 4 days for surgery and it was an extremely stressful time for us. The biggest fear is always the general anaesthetic. My two youngest have been staying at their Babka’s (grandmother’s) for the last couple of nights so I’ll be glad to have all my kids back home together again.

It’s amazing how priorities change so quickly when a family member’s health is at stake. All the usual things that you quibble about mean nothing and all focus is just on hoping they get better. Money, property, holidays and cars lose their value instantly and you realize just what is important in life.

It will take him a while to heal and that will be hard on him as he’s extremely active plus it’s the summer holidays and hot outside. I thank the gods that he’s okay. I’m also glad that we rented the ensuite VIP room on the surgery ward so that he didn’t have to share a ward with the old and dying in packed beds – I’ve done that before and it’s extremely depressing and difficult to sleep. We’ve had many issues in the past with the Slovak medical system; this time the biggest issue was complete lack of communication. but he’s home now and that’s all that matters.

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