Roe buck in flowers

After a few days’ heatwave there comes a storm. During the heatwave all the animals stay deep in the forest but after the storm they all come out. At the moment it’s the Roe buck mating season so their barking can be heard loudly everywhere.

Amusingly, but terrifying for us, as we were out walking, one Roe buck was barking its head off in a nearby stretch of trees, some 20 metres from the track. Suddenly came the loudest, deepest, most aggressive boar snort I’ve ever heard. this call shook the air and down to my bones. A few seconds later, the buck came bolting out of the woods and my wife and I decided to take a run for a few hundred feet until we were a bit out of the area. The buck must have really been annoying where the old boar was wallowing and it let it know in no uncertain terms. We really didn’t wanted a disgruntled boar come flying out of the bush at us.

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