Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse Fish

One of my favourite activities whilst on holiday is sea fishing. I picked up the bug for it whilst in Florida (especially pier fishing in the Keys) when I was younger. I’m not really a fan of freshwater fishing as I like watching the sun go down over the sea of an evening (and being bitten alive by mosquitoes) – it gives me time and inspiration to think.

Sadly, the area around Croatia where we were staying has been massively over fished and this is noticeable in the virtual lack of large fish, although there are still plenty of fry about. I caught this beautiful Rainbow Wrasse (Coris julis) but nothing else this year. I had to retire my old telescopic rod last year as the saltwater had rusted it to pieces so this year I tried out a new, much larger telescopic carp rod which my wife had bought me as a present. It was much too unwieldy for the type of fish I was catching and no tuna wanted to take my bait.

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