Young Red Fox

We have a new visitor to the garden – a young red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Unlike the manky, hairy old fox I chased out the other week, this one seems quite naive and obviously hasn’t been through a hunting season yet. Recently, Slovakia announced open season on all foxes and raccoon dogs in an attempt to curb their population growth. While foxes are cute, they are the number one cause of rabies in the area.

Published by Carpathian Adventure

My name is Edward O'Toole and I live in one of the wildest, most beautiful parts of Europe, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Life is an adventure - both physically and metaphysically... I've been living out here for the last 22 years, along with my wife, 3 kids and Jack Russell. My main interests involve bushcraft, prepping, survival and wilderness living (self-sufficiency and self-reliance), ecological, green, smart and natural solutions, motorcycles and motorbike club life, writing and art (I have 7 published books), and exploring the paranormal. For more about my lifestyle, art and writing visit

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