How to sneak up on a Red deer herd

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if the wind is blowing towards you, you can get extremely close to many animals without them noticing – especially if the wind is noisy. And if you walk up behind them whilst they’re grazing.  Last night on our evening walk there were Red and Roe deer everywhere, both in herds and alone. It was amazing just how many ran across in front of us. One Roe buck stepped out onto the abandoned road, looked at us and then dashed back into the bush. He then proceeded to spend the next 5 minutes barking at us from behind cover. Luckily, he scared us away 🙂

One particularly annoying thing was that upon returning to the house we saw a Pine Marten sitting on a log in the neighbours yard. By the time I had zoomed the camera in on it it had disappeared. They’re like ghosts. I even had a trail cam set up in my attic all night to capture them with photo and video but discovered this morning that while it had been set off many times, I’d had it focused on a wall rather than down the length of the attic. I’ll try again this evening perhaps.

2 thoughts on “How to sneak up on a Red deer herd

  1. I once had deer cutting through my yard every afternoon, crossing the street and lounging in a neighbour’s back yard. Since we’ve encroached on their territory, they have become rather used to people and just keep a wary eye on us without running off.

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