Canoeing with dolphins in Croatia

I should really have posted this a week ago but for a few reasons I didn’t… It was a life changing moment. In July 2015, we again drove down to Croatia for our summer holiday; firstly south through East Slovakia and then west through the entire breadth of Hungary. For the first time ever, weContinue reading “Canoeing with dolphins in Croatia”

Forest sunset

One thing I really love about living where I do is the wide open spaces which enable one to see amazing sunsets. I can’t imagine living in a concrete jungle where the horizon is only a few metres away. It doesn’t matter how many times I see the sunset I’m still amazed at the beautyContinue reading “Forest sunset”

Roe deer fawns

Yesterday evening at dusk while we were walking on the abandoned road we stumbled across this trio of young Roe deer fawns. They were extremely naive to humans and didn’t seem to have any concept of danger. They were very young and small and were happily playing around. They reminded me a lot of myContinue reading “Roe deer fawns”

Feeding fish with bread

Today was a very fish-related day. The photo shows the effect of a chunk of bread thrown into the River Ladomirka – a fish feeding frenzy. I also started the process of getting my fishing license so i can fish around my village. The bureaucracy is really off-putting and requires visits to several offices forContinue reading “Feeding fish with bread”

Gypsy wedding

Saturday afternoon in the UNESCO town of Bardejov in Eastern Slovakia and the medieval square is packed with cars for a tuning competition, sexy young ladies in microskirts and microshorts and, in the 15th Century Gothic Basilica, a gypsy wedding. These Romany (as they prefer their minority to be known) are obviously extremely wealthy toContinue reading “Gypsy wedding”

Roe buck in flowers

After a few days’ heatwave there comes a storm. During the heatwave all the animals stay deep in the forest but after the storm they all come out. At the moment it’s the Roe buck mating season so their barking can be heard loudly everywhere. Amusingly, but terrifying for us, as we were out walking,Continue reading “Roe buck in flowers”

Lesser Spotted Eagle with mouse

We have a family of Lesser Spotted Eagles (Aquila pomarina) living in a tree a couple of hundred metres from the house. Because of the hot weather, they’re using this time to ride the thermals and regularly fly low over our heads. Their screams fill the valley. This eagle is returning to its nest withContinue reading “Lesser Spotted Eagle with mouse”

Open Air Vestmarka tent review

I bought this OpenAir Vestmarka tent in Jysk as a storage/baggage tent just to keep food and rucksacks etc in when we go camping. It was cheap at 15 Euros and has a rating of 450mm waterproofing. When I got back to the house I put it up just to see what it was like.Continue reading “Open Air Vestmarka tent review”