Adventurous visitors

I’ve just had three friends visit, one old and two new, John, Pete and Tilly, for a long weekend. They drove here from North Wales, which is an exhausting two-day drive each way. Because they were only here for a few days, we tried to pack as much in as possible. We visited the UNESCO town of Bardejov, and the Andy Warhol museum in the remote town of Medzilaborce. We visited the Valley of Death and the the Soviet Memorial in Svidnik. We also headed over the border into to Poland to Magursky National Park, which is home to a bear population. Best of all, we did a long hike carrying unfeasibly heavy packs up a logging trail into the hills, where we camped in the dense Carpathian forest. Luckily, the evening was dry so we could sit around a campfire, but we woke to heavy rain and drenched equipment, which we then had to pack and lug down a now very muddy logging trail back to the house. Thankfully, there were no visits from bears.

We rounded the trip off with a campfire in the garden where we cooked wild boar goulash. A few hours earlier, we’d seen a couple of boars running across the hill at the back of the house.

I really enjoyed myself and I hope they did too.

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