Feisty in the garden

The weather at the moment is going from one extreme to the other – hurricane winds, frost and monsoon like rain, to boiling heat and blinding sun. As such, it’s extremely hard to get my bike, Feisty, up and down my garden as the grass and mud is very slippy. I really need to doContinue reading “Feisty in the garden”

Surprise boar

At noon today, we went for a walk along the abandoned country road near the house. On the return journey I stopped for a pee. I’d just undone my flies when I realized that, not 50 feet away, was the largest boar I’d ever seen in my life. At first I thought it was aContinue reading “Surprise boar”

School’s out in the Ukraine

This week I’ve had my father and his wife visiting. As it’s a country my father hasn’t visited yet, we decided to go to the Ukraine. This time we went by coach as it saves a lot of time at the border and removes the hassle of paying for security parking. Altogether, there were 6Continue reading “School’s out in the Ukraine”

Boar and brother

Yesterday, my brother came to my village house. He’d arrived at his mini-castle a couple of days earlier after a long drive from England. After dinner, we decided to go for a walk with his girlfriend and our dogs. It was late dusk and there were herds of red deer everywhere. Bizarrely, there was alsoContinue reading “Boar and brother”

Beaver roadkill

This morning, whilst driving around Lake Domasa, I saw what I thought to be a dead boar on the road. a forestry officer pulled over in front of it, and me in front of him. It turned out to be an extremely large beaver. Sadly, this is the first I’ve seen and it happened toContinue reading “Beaver roadkill”

Wolf scat close to home

We went for a walk with the dog last night along the abandoned road close to my house in the village. A few hundred metres from home, as the crow flies, I came across this pile of wolf scat. Due to the inordinately hot weather we’ve been having it was too desiccated to calculate howContinue reading “Wolf scat close to home”