An evening with the Ambassador

Last night saw a change to my usual reclusive lifestyle. I spent the evening in the city of Presov at a reception for the British Ambassador to Slovakia, His Excellency Andrew Garth. The first part of the evening was a small reception for some local business leaders at the historic Prelika distillery. Ironically, I was invited by a Danish friend, Soren. After a tour of the complex there was a tasting session but I couldn’t drink thanks to the hour-long drive through a blizzard on pitted, snow and truck filled roads to get there and back – the way back was a nightmare. Hardcore scary.

Following the distillery bit, we moved on to Harley’s steak house where Simon, the organiser of the event, had reserved the entire upper floor for a small party of ex-pats. I finally managed to eat some decent steak, and I got to meet some interesting characters. I enjoyed speaking to the Ambassadors’ wife and the poet, James Sutherland-Smith, who knew some of my former college contacts from back in the day. And Jonathon.

Perhaps I should get out and socialize more? It was a lot more relaxed than I’d expected and I actually enjoyed it after I’d overcome my shyness. Tempted as I was, I didn’t bring any Ferrero Roche…

I wish the Ambassador the best of luck in promoting British interests out here in Slovakia.

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