Frozen town

Just over a week ago I wanted to take Feisty out for a ride but couldn’t get her to start because of the battery. We’d had a cold spell but it had cleared up and it was warm enough to comfortably ride. Now, we’ve been plunged into Arctic temperatures and more than a few minutesContinue reading “Frozen town”

A Cthulhu – Sherlock Holmes Crossover Christmas

This holiday season I fancied taking a break from my usual activities (Feisty’s battery’s dead because of the harsh weather and buggered if I’m sleeping out in the bush in Arctic temperatures). Being bitterly cold outside, I decided to catch up on my reading and spend some time with the kids. I ordered a newContinue reading “A Cthulhu – Sherlock Holmes Crossover Christmas”

Badger track in snow?

Outside it isĀ  bitingly cold and only a thin layer of snow has fallen. There were many animals out today, foraging in the fields as the forest is frozen. Roe and Red deer and one lone wolf some distance away. There were also plenty of tracks. This photo is, presumably, a badger (Meles meles) trackContinue reading “Badger track in snow?”

Boar Jaw

Out walking in the bizarrely balmy December weather today, we came across the left mandible of a a Wild Boar. Judging by tusk length, I’d say it was between one and two years old. It had obviously been killed within the last week as there were bits of flesh and blood left on it fromContinue reading “Boar Jaw”

Bushcraft Magazine articles

Two of my articles have been published in the Autumn issue of Bushcraft Magazine. Yay! You can buy a copy here – I wrote about the two differing perspectives of living in the bush out here in Eastern Slovakia, from the traditional to the modern, from a villager’s seasonally-dependent perspective to the luxury man-caveContinue reading “Bushcraft Magazine articles”

Ural owl

Today, whilst out walking, I finally got the chance to photograph a Ural owl (Strix uralensis). Unfortunately, it kept flying further and further into the bush until hundreds of branches and twigs separated us. I forgot to switch on manual focus so it was a bit of a nightmare with the auto option due toContinue reading “Ural owl”

It’s cold already….

This season is somewhat like Limbo – the colours of Autumn have gone as all the leaves have fallen, yet the white of Winter has yet to arrive. Instead, the temperature has dropped uncomfortably low (-8 C in the mornings) and the land looks dead. It takes a huge effort to even venture outdoors. I’dContinue reading “It’s cold already….”