Russian AKM 2 bayonet modified

This bayonet is the latest in my collection and, in my humble opinion, is the best of the bunch when it comes to the various AK range. Produced at the Izhevsk (Izmas, Izhmaesch) arsenal and constructed from Bakelite and steel, the AKM Mk2 bayonet is the epitome of Cold War industrial and practical design. Unlike the Mk1s with their bulbous, all-Bakelite handles, the Mk2 features a metal butt so that it can also be used as a hammer. The scabbard features a wire cutting device with the entire body being made of electrically-resistant Bakelite to enable the cutting of live wire, unlike the Mk1 which had a metal scabbard and a large rubber sheath. I’ve no idea why the USSR was so obsessed with cutting live electrical cables but it is a universal feature on all their bayonets post-AK47.

The blade, as with all AK bayonets, is blunt and requires some hard graft to get it anywhere near sharp, a task complicated by it only having a single edge rather than the modern double edge. The back of the blade has a ‘saw blade’, or at least that it’s what’s most commonly confused as being. Other explanations I’ve seen suggest it as a rope or bone cutter. It is in fact for knife fighting, to jam an opponent’s blade.

The bayonet is stamped with the Izhevsk mark on both the handle and the scabbard, and features triple digit matching serial number, plus the traditional Izhevsk ‘slash/oblique’ number.

I’ve added a firesteel to the scabbard and held it in place, temporarily, with a strip of velcro. Some thick ranger bands (inner tube cut up) should see a more permanent solution. I backed the firesteel with some foam to prevent it scratching the Bakelite.

I’ve had many knives over the years but I’ve always wanted one as a universal tool. Add to this the bayonet’s cool factor and i think I’ve found my right arm. Compared to the multitude of clones from Warsaw Pact or Asian countries, the original just has that extra je ne sais quoi to it….

Published by Carpathian Adventure

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