Slovak traditional folk dancers

It’s the last day of the winter fair and folk dancers take centre stage in Svidnik, North Eastern Slovakia. While gypsy (Roma) musicians play, young Slovak girls dance in the local traditional costume. Good stuff for a Saturday morning in November. The local mayoral elections are next week so many of the candidates were hanging around.

Many of the stalls have now gone but there are still a few remaining, with sellers from the Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia all plying their wares. Today’s purchase was a pair of leather gloves handmade in the Ukraine. I really wanted a Boney-M style sheepskin waistcoat/gillette but I’m not quite ready to wear one in public yet. It would go with my baranica though. Ra Ra Rasputin, and all that…

3 thoughts on “Slovak traditional folk dancers

    1. Svidnik is a Rusyn town but these dancers were Šariš, I believe. They were just one troupe from many that day, which is why I used Slovak in general rather than a specific region (there were also Zemplin, for example).

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