First snow!

Finally, after weeks of cold and dreary grey, the first snowflakes have begun falling. It appears that each year the onset of winter happens later and later. Sheepskin jacket, wool jumper, Polish army winter boots and kevlar and thinsulate motorbike gloves…. and a woolen hat or baranica, of course….

Izhevsk (Izhmaesh) AK47 bayonet

This is the daddy of the Russian post-WW2 bayonet range, an AK47 made at the Izhevsk (Izmas, Izhmaesch) arsenal in Russia. Compared to modern bayonets it’s lacking in ‘extra features’. In fact, it’s designed for one thing only but it’s simplicity, practicality, and crude aesthetic make it perfect for that task. Holding it in theContinue reading “Izhevsk (Izhmaesh) AK47 bayonet”

Russian AKM 2 bayonet modified

This bayonet is the latest in my collection and, in my humble opinion, is the best of the bunch when it comes to the various AK range. Produced at the Izhevsk (Izmas, Izhmaesch) arsenal and constructed from Bakelite and steel, the AKM Mk2 bayonet is the epitome of Cold War industrial and practical design. UnlikeContinue reading “Russian AKM 2 bayonet modified”

Czechoslovak revolution 25th anniversary

Today is the 25th anniversary of the end of communism in Slovakia (formerly part of Czechoslovakia). My wife was a student of psychology at university in Bratislava when the students were told to take to the streets to protest. She was there when their old world ended and capitalism took over. I can’t even beginContinue reading “Czechoslovak revolution 25th anniversary”

Kofola wild boar – my favourite Christmas advert

In Slovakia, the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without this advert. The product is Kofola, an old Slovak fizzy soft drink somewhere between Coca Cola and Dandelion and Burdock which has made a big come-back (it’s also what i prefer to drink). This advert is shown every winter, and has been for many years.Continue reading “Kofola wild boar – my favourite Christmas advert”

One-eyed Wild Cat

This mean old Wild Cat (Felis silvestris silvestris) was stalking through the field behind my house. It’s obviously been through some battles as its lack of right eye shows. I’ve encountered them on a few occasions, once when one was brave enough to get in the garden when my bull mastiff was there. They’re notContinue reading “One-eyed Wild Cat”

Bardejovske Kupele – Bardejov Royal Spa

I spent the afternoon wandering around the beautiful spa resort of Bardejovske Kupele while my wife visited the beauticians there. It was nice to have some time to myself, to drink coffee and listen to the birds and watch the red squirrels. The spa resort has some amazing old imperial buildings. The one in theContinue reading “Bardejovske Kupele – Bardejov Royal Spa”

Church on an Autumn lake

This evening I drove around Lake Domasa on the way home. Due to the early onset of night now, the light wasn’t the best but I still felt mesmerised by the colours of the Fall trees and their reflection on the water of the lake. This little church is one of a couple which sitContinue reading “Church on an Autumn lake”