Red squirrel in tree

Today I encountered a battle of wits between a stray cat on the ground and a red squirrel in a tree. The cat hissed and the squirrel sounded it’s alarm call. For such a tiny creature it really made a racket. Last time I heard such a sound was whilst hammock camping in the forest.Continue reading “Red squirrel in tree”

Brown bear attack

Over the last few weeks I’ve learned that the bear range starts much closer to mine than I’d previously believed and just over a week ago this was confirmed when a 61 year old tourist, just over the border in Poland, was killed by a Eurasian Brown Bear. The attack took place near the townContinue reading “Brown bear attack”

First frost

This morning I awoke to a beautiful scene. Frost covered everything. The temperature has now dropped well below zero at night and winter has announced its presence. All the car windows were frozen. I have a feeling that this winter, 2014-2015, will be long and cold. Life becomes much harder in winter but we’re rewardedContinue reading “First frost”

Forest cabin

This is a cabin we stayed at last weekend in the forest above Svidnik, East Slovakia. It’s owned by the regional forest office and is situated on Black Mountain. The hill is renowned for the bandits who used to inhabit it centuries ago, and also for the number of German soldiers who died there duringContinue reading “Forest cabin”

Motorcycle ride and repair

Today was the first chance I’ve had in over a month to do some repairs to my Aprilia Pegaso 650, Feisty. It had taken me months to find a replacement rubber intake manifold for my carb and I’d been preparing for visitors, plus the weather has been awful. Despite the freezing temperatures and it takingContinue reading “Motorcycle ride and repair”