A day of thought

It’s probably the hottest day of the year, with a clear blue sky, but instead of being out in the forest I’m wearing a black woolen mourning suit, shirt and tie. Funerals here are very ritualistic and formal, with at least an hour’s standing in front of the open coffin, then the service and burial,Continue reading “A day of thought”

21st Century Bushman

I’ve finally taken the plunge and joined the rest of humanity in the 21st Century. I’m writing this on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Until now I hadn’t seen the point in being permanently connected to the rest of the world but needs have forced my hand. This summer alone I have missedContinue reading “21st Century Bushman”

My old Bullmastiff, Veles

Over the weekend I visited my wife’s uncle, an old cowherd, to whom I gave my Bullmastiff many years back as his own dog had died. My Bullmastiff, Veles, named after the ancient Slavic god – the one to whom I feel the closest – is an old boy now but still acts like aContinue reading “My old Bullmastiff, Veles”